Rekero & Naboisho Habari

Let the migration adventure begin!

After various travels during the rainy month of April and May, we all began the migration back into the Mara. Luckily we did not have to brave crocodile infested rivers like the wildebeest, just a quick hop on the plane and we were back in the beautiful Mara.

June has been a peaceful month. For the cats it is as always a tough time as they are very hungry; long grass makes hunting tough! It also makes it tough for the guides to spot the cats, but this has not stopped an amazing month of game viewing. Bahati, Olive and Saba have all been in and around camp; the highlight was catching Bahati on our trip camera walking down the main path to camp.

Other great news is that the Mara Cheetah Project is now up and running! A lot of the Cheetah have moved out of the Reserve and into the surrounding conservancies. Amani and her three cubs have moved to the Olare Orok conservancy where she continues to teach them how to hunt. Malaika and Bawa have remained in the reserve and have slowly moved South. Narasha and her two cubs have also been spotted. All these cubs are now sub-adults and will be leaving their mums soon. Sad news reached our ears that one of Honey’s boys was killed by a lioness leaving one brother. All the more reason for the importance of the Cheetah Project to monitor these wonderful animals and to understand more of their movements and threats to their existence.

We were very excited to hear of the spotting of the very rare Roan Antelope! They have not been seen in the Mara for over twenty years. This was a lone antelope so there have been speculations as to whether it got lost. Another rare sighting was that of the Side-striped Jackal! A lucky month indeed.

Last but not least we would like to ask for your help. Both Naboisho and Rekero have been nominated in the World Travel Awards this year, in fact we are going head to head in the ‘Leading Tented Safari Camp in Kenya’ category! So if you enjoyed your time at Rekero or Naboisho (or both) please take a moment to vote for us here: We would really appreciate it, as we hope you agree with us we should win!

As I write I can hear the first of the Wildebeest Migration - the funny gnu calls! We are waiting for them to sweep over the ridge opposite camp. Right now they are crossing in their thousands near the Sand River in the South. They are earlier than last year and the recent thunderstorms we have had I am sure are enticing them to come faster… Let the adventure begin.

Karibu one and all to the Mara!

Salaams from Con, Clea, Mariana & the Rekero Team

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Photo: Narasha and her cubs near the double crossing, photo by Mitch, 2013

Narasha and her two cubs